Tuesday, February 1, 2011

R to the RANDOM!

Ok so I havent exactly spent my snow day as planned... I slept in- woohoo!  But I have been quit the lazy girl today!  I've been sitting on the couch for hours today... working on grad school homework.    Now Im getting to some new things for stations.
I guess I hadnt realized till yesterday that I needed to update my stations... and I only realized because one of my sweet boys said "Miss Samson when are we going to get new fun stuff for stations?"  haha!!!

So here are a few things... sorry there are no pictures... the blogger pic is not working!  As the title above says R- to the Random... I am very random on my stations ideas today.   Not feeling real creative!

Todays first NEW addition to stations is for the Word Wall station... Word Wall
This second worksheet is Clap the Word, this is a great one for kiddos struggling or needing extra help with syllables.  Word Work
The third worksheet is a BIG BOOK worksheet- my kids need something to keep them stay focused and to make the station have a purpose, so here is one really good one. Big Book Form!

Maybe Ill gain a creative spark in the next few hours... stay tuned :)

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