Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ok teacher friends... I don't know about you, but I am NOT ready to go back at all!!!  I've been up at school quite a bit lately since I had to move rooms and get a whole new room put together. Word of advice: don't go to school unless you want to be stressed out already! :) 
As you can see below, I have made a lot of progress!
I absolutely LOVE my new library area! 

The word wall that took me FOREVER to put up and then take down to move up higher! 

The Calendar and Weather Frog! 

So as you can see I have made a lot of progress in my classroom.  I went to school today to laminate a few things, and just stood in my room staring at the everything... I had no idea what else to do!  I know I have a lot of organizing to do within the cabinets but that didn't sound fun! :)   I told myself that since this week is my last FULL week at home before heading back to work, I am not allowed to go to school anymore this week!  I am on SUMMER vacation and deserve to stay away for a few more weeks. 
That however doesnt mean I wont be working on things at home! haha.  I actually have two HUGE projects I need to be working on.  We will see if I actually get any of them done.  Im too obsessed with going to the pool all day, and hanging out with friends all night. :) 

One of my projects is actually pinterest inspired. 
I am going to be using these mini/small accordian style file folders to keep my lil ones organized.  They will use this to put their fish words (high frequency words), spelling words, and math facts in.  I am super excited to use these.  I hope they turn out to be as cool as Im picturing it. :) 
My other project is putting together my library.  I have been procrastinating this job for now 3 summers.  I am not looking forward to it one bit at all.  I know once its all said and done, I will be really happy to have it all put together.  :) I just know its going to take a lot of work, and time to get it as organizing as I am wanting it! OH WELL!!!  

Until next time... enjoy your the rest of your HOT summer days. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ok blogging friends.. its been about a year that I have actually blogged!  However I have some VERY exciting news to share!

I am very excited to share that I will officially be teaching first grade again... and this time its permanent!  YAYYYYY so excited to be back in first grade with the little ones.
So with me being back in first grade, I am in need of some help from you all!  I taught third grade last year so moving down is going to be different, but I am overly thrilled! :)

If you all have any blogs you recommend, awesome morning routines, reading station or math station ideas, SEND THEM MY WAY!

Anyway I hope you all have a great 4th of July!
I cant wait to be back in the blogging world of first grade! :)

-Miss Samson