Saturday, February 26, 2011

Math Math Math!

Lately I have been trying to focus a lot of my time on my math stations.  I recently received in the mail, the long awaited new Debbie Diller Math Stations book.... Oh my word- I never knew it was possible to love teacher books more than I love Debbie Diller's!  This book has definitely inspired me to make my math stations improve.

Something we are getting ready to work on in our next chapter is MONEY! I am so excited to pull out the money rhymes!!!

Also in my math stations, I try and have a variety of options on each cabinet shelf...  I continue to hit time really hard.  I also am trying to incorporate a lot of addition and subtraction activities.  My kiddos need this so badly!  Something I put in a station is...

I love this idea.  
My kids love using the dice... they love it so much that they have "misplaced"(aka- stolen/taken them home!) all of my dice.

This is fun too. 
 My kids can practicing their spelling words while also 
practicing addition and subtraction! :)

I am continually working to improve my stations... and for that I need some ideas from you!
Do you do math small groups?  How do you group your kids?  How often do you meet?
Also, for math stations where and how do you store your materials for each station? Baskets? Tubs? Shelves?


  1. this is all so great! thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you have the download for the money poems?

  3. Isn't that book amazing?? I got so many wonderful and EASY ideas!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for posting the money poems. My kiddos are having such a hard time remembering which is which, and I think these will help a LOT!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures In Teaching

  5. Amazing idea! Can't wait to use it in class! Thank you! I have a question: What program are you using to create the handwriting lines at the bottom?

  6. Hi, these are cute! So glad I found your blog. I have the same money poems and they are great! I am your newest follower.
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After