Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet the Teacher!

My bloggy friend is doing a fun Teacher linky!!!  And I'm playing along, too :)

If you want to link up, check out  Cara at The First Grade Parade.

The First Grade Parade

To start off... (sorry no pics the uploader still isnt working :( )

My name is Brooke.
I am a first year first grade teacher in Nebraska.
I went to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and received my bachelors in December 2009. GO BIG RED!
I recently bought a home and move in about 2 weeks... so excited! :)
I am the oldest of three girls.  Im 24- yikes!  My birthday was on January 30th so Im still not used to that number...
My family has 4 dogs- two labs and two tiny yorkies.
Want to know more... Just ask!  Im an open book!

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t a teacher?                                            

A:  Right now, Id love to be a cheer coach.  I cheered for 7+ years and still love every bit of it!  When I get married and have children... I would love to eventually some day be a stay at home mom!

Q: What are your hobbies?                                                                                   
A:  Ummm…its weird to say that teaching feels like a hobby sometimes!  Working out, going to cheer competitions to watch my sis.  Attending Church and Bible Study.

Q: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?                    
A:  I always said I wanted to be a teacher!  I have dreamed of being a fourth grade teacher... however now- I could never see myself doing so!
Q: What are your guilty pleasures?                                                                  
 A: Starbucks, Baby Blue, Red Mango, The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars!

Q: What is your biggest fear?!                                                                        

 A: Spiders!  ICK... those things scare the crap out of me.

Q: When you’re on vacation, where do you like to go?                                   
 A: I love to go anywhere warm!  My favorite place however would have to be Atlantis- Nassau, Bahamas! ahhhh paradise on earth.
Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?                                                 
A:  Let go and Let God!

Q: What do you value most in others?                                                                  
A:  Honesty, Kindness and Loyalty!

Q: If you could have lunch with anyone in the world….living or dead…who would it be?                                                                                                               
A:  Jesus, and my college friends!   And then I’d love to jump into the bloggy friends lunch with Babbling Abby, First Grade Parade and Fabulous in First!

Now tell us one random thing about yourself:
I won first place in the science fair in 8th grade!  I am far from being a sciency person... it is prob my least favorite subject!  haha...

Now it’s time for YOU to join the party!!!!  Here’s what you need to do:  Write a post titled “Meet The Teacher”.  Start with a brief “biography” and then copy & paste the Q&A {using your answers, of course!} 


  1. I would love to coach cheer, too!! Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Congrats on your new home!! How exciting! I cheered for 5 years and I definitely think being a cheer coach would be FUN!!! Nice to "meet" you!!

    Cara :)

  3. Thanks so much! I am really excited. :)

    Hey anyone have any ideas on how I can get my pictures to upload.. they arent working :(

  4. I'm visiting from The First Grade Parade meet the teacher, hi! Cute Q&A. I love Red Mango, too. I hope you are having a great first year in first grade :)

  5. I'm here from the link party! Love your blog. I got my header and background from shabby blogs but I'm not very good at figuring it out either - sorry!
    I'm also a first grade teacher, nice to "meet" another newbie! :)

  6. I was a cheerleader too! Your blog looks great the way it is!

  7. This is my first year teaching too...I teach Kindergarten! That is so exciting that you just bought a house, congrats! I am currently in the saving process and am crossing my fingers that I can make it happen this summer sometime. You have some great ideas and I can't wait to read more of your posts!

  8. Let Go and Let God is going to be my new motto:) Love it!!

  9. I came over to your blog from the Link party! So nice to "meet" you! I also am a huge fan of the bachelor and One Tree Hill!!! So excited to read more about you and your classroom!



  10. I was a cheerleader forever and I coached for 15 years!! Loved it! Now I just cheer(like a crazy mama on the sidelines)for my kids!! Your blog looks great btw!

  11. I think you have the cutest blog ever! I cheered all through high school. I taught gymnastics and cheer my junior and senior year of high school and my first 2 years of college. I miss it so much!


  12. Glad to find another 1st year teacher blogger!!!

  13. I am loving your blog. And I had to shout out to a fellow Nebraskan! GO BIG RED!