Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Kids love games... especially when they get to play a game at school.  A friend and I play this game in our first grade classroom ALL the time.  The game I am talking about is POP!  Ok so you all know those popcorn buckets in the $ section at Target (my favorite store!).... I use these for my players to keep track of their cards.
Attached are the POP rules, and POP playing cards. The first set is lower and uppercase alphabet letters.  I am currently working on our high frequency words to play POP with.  I'll post them when their done. :)
Enjoy... I know your kiddos will love it!  Put it at a station, play it in small groups, or even play it to review spelling words.  

ABC Pop Cards

Here is the second form- again lowercase and uppercase cards... these are football.
Football Whistle Cards!
Football ABC CARDS!
Football Rules!

Here is the last one for today...  This is baseball themed.  Instead of ABC, these have simple words.
Homerun Rules!
Homerun Cards!

Sorry pics still wont load... :(

If you would like the doc on word feel free to email me... I know how it goes and your might want to tweak things!  Id love to do that for ya.  :)

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  1. I would love this is a word doc. If you are still willing, my email address is