Thursday, January 13, 2011

Word and Chunk Helpers!

Ok so tonight Im extremely warn out and cant wait till Friday at 3:30... Im sure there are more of you like that out there! :)

I am going to share two things that I cant take credit for... one my bffe from college sent me, and the other I recieved from a fellow teacher.
I love these both!

The first are word helpers- my students LOVE these... they really help with their reading.

The second upload is a set of chunk posters.  I am in the process of incoporating these into my daily routine this week/next!  But they are the cutest things... I know my kids will love them!

Enjoy! :


  1. Could you make a poster for or words?

  2. Or could you send me your template so I could edit it and make one? Thanks so much! I love this!