Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some fun Guided Reading ideas!!!

So being a first year teacher, Im not the best guided reading teacher in the world.  This my first year to ever do such a thing, so Im learning as I go.  All the ideas I know and come across are wonderful.  If you have any ideas please share! :)
I love to use some new and fun ideas for my guided reading groups.  My kids are always in need of something fun and different...

I recently introduced our new whisper phones!  You would have thought that these kids have never used a phone before, because they are in HEAVEN!!! Its so cute how one little new thing can excite my kiddos.

I also LOVE to use highlighter tape- to highlight our spelling words, AMAZING words or our fish words (high frequency words!)
My last all time favorite idea is using either highlighter bookmarks OR color transparent folders cut into strips.  This really helps my kiddos focus in on the sentence we are currently reading!
My guided reading lesson plan template is also something I love!  I cant take credit for it because my bffe sent me hers. Use it if you like, ditch it if you dont!


  1. Im in my second year of teaching and still trying to find fun/new guided reading ideas. Thanks for your posting ideas.

  2. Great blog post on Guided Reading!