Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life after spring break!!!

Hi to my blogger friends that are left!  I've kind of slacking on the blogging world... SORRY!
I am so excited to share some things my kiddos have been working on lately...

Ok so I am on this writing kick... probably due to my Masters Writing course.  My kids used to HATE writing and now... they are BEGGING to write!  Its so fun.  We just finished our HOW TO books.   Let me tell you, so cute and fun. :)
A few of the papers we used for these included the following:
Table of Contents!
How To!
Think Pad!
Graphic Organizer!

Im in a crunch for time... so I will update more later tomorrow! :)
Good night all- Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. How do you structure writing instruction in your class? I would love to hear about what you did with your kiddos to make them enjoy writing! I would like to do more with writing instruction in my 1st grade classroom. Thanks!!
    Laura :)