Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fun in First Grade!

Wow, well if I have any blogging friends left... Sorry- I have been so busy with graduate classes, report cards and the regular day to day activities!
We have been having LOTS of fun the last few weeks... and now its time for a little break.  Tomorrow we have our FIRST work day all school year.  I am super excited to create some stuff for my kiddos.

Something I started working on this weekend was making some ultra CUTE mod-podge clip boards.  My kids love my walk the room activity, so I figured I would spice it up with the adorable clipboards.

Speaking of Walk the Room... here are just a FEW of my templates!

Walk the Room
November Walk the Room
December WTR
March WTR

I have a bunch more templates for Walk the Room... however Im posting them on my TPT site.


  1. I love making clipboards with modge podge! :) Did you paint it before you put the cute designs on it?
    Curls and a Smile

  2. Hi Miss Samson! Do you have directions posted somewhere for the clipoards? I would LOVE to make some for my 1st Graders - but I am afraid I wouldn't know where to start!! Thanks for ALL you do for teachers!!
    Laurie Ayers

  3. This may be a really stupid question and you may have it posted somewhere else (I just found your blog today), but what do you put on the things like to Christmas tree, the turkey, the heart, and the other items from your Walk the Room. I like this idea but wanted a little more of an explanation. Thanks and love the clipboards.